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Sean Spicer, a man who once professionally lied to the American public about the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd, among other things, is now a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, because the punishment for attempting to rationalize a Muslim travel ban is B-list celebrity.

The former Press Secretary’s season kicked off tonight, apparently, and so this is happening:


Spicer, to be clear, is not a “star,” so much as a man who was briefly employed by the White House, got fired, and wrote a terrible book.

One of his fellow contestants, Hannah Brown, is perhaps the greatest Bachelorette of all time, and absolutely a star. Christie Brinkley—model, inspiration for “Uptown Girl”, and voice of the famed Long Island Big Duck—is another contestant this season. She is also definitively a star. Lamar Odom? Sure. Karamo Brown? Yep. James Van Der Beek? Always and forever. Ray Lewis? He’s had his problems, but I’ll take it.

Sean Spicer? For fuck’s sake.


As if it weren’t offensive enough that I have to see that shit on my Twitter timeline and Dancing With the Stars-watching folks have to see it on their TVs, Variety reports that Spicer is getting paid six figures for this Seinfeld puffy shirt-wearing redemption tour. Incredible.

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