Here it is: The worst #MotivationMonday of all time

Jason O. Gilbert
Google+: Oppo

#MotivationMonday is a popular social media hashtag under which people and brands come together to post inspirational photos and quotes each Monday.

Most of the quotes are fairly straightforward words of inspiration from notable artists, revered athletes, and national heroes. Here, meanwhile, from the official Google+ account of Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo, is the worst choice for #MotivationMonday ever:


"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it," the quotation, attributed to Bill Cosby, reads. As Ed Zitron put it on Twitter, this is "an unfortunate person to quote and the most unfortunate quote to pick."

The comments on the Google+ post—which went up at 10:54 a.m. EST and was still up as of 5:30—were similarly unforgiving. "Uhh…are you seriously quoting Cosby?" a Google+ user name Rich S asked.


Congratulations to Oppo on what is almost certainly the worst #MotivationMonday ever!

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