Here's a High School-Age Pitbull Rapping About AIDS

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Ok, please stop whatever else is going on right now and watch this video of a high school-age Pitbull rapping about AIDS prevention:


Thank you, YouTube user Ricsi305, for uploading this gem.

Now, let's break it down, because this is just a lot of beauty to take in all at once:

- Pitbull (né Armando) went by Chris then, which is a solid Miami High School Dude name. A good choice.

- "Alright?" Chris wants to know that we're ok with what he's doing before he begins. But in a way that suggests, you know what. He's going to go ahead and rap about AIDS prevention anyway. And do you know why that is? Because 1) he's got the music in him, and 2) he loves us. Pitbull has always cared about you.

- Sneaking, Creeping, and Sleeping are all different activities that could kill you. Beware. Watch out.

- "Unlike Clinton, HIV is impeachless."

- "They're no longer your friend because you're up in a casket." That does tend to put a strain on a friendship.


- HIV is a "lethal weapon without Gibson or D. Glover." BB IS A MODERN-DAY CHAUCER. CROSS STITCH THAT ISH ON YOUR HEART.

- I don't know what "girls wanna bless they wigs" means, but I like it.

- Chris rhymes "rub on" with "cousin" and "dozen" and it is beautiful.

- Black? White? Cuban? Dominican? All the major groups are represented in this cautionary tale.


- "Bless yourself with a pack of latex." Or sheepskin if you have a latex allergy, cuz. Know your materials.

- I love Pitbull.