Here's a Leaked Video of President Obama Pumping Iron in Poland

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Ever wonder what President Barack Obama's gym routine looks like? Neither have we, but now thanks to leaked footage captured at a hotel gym in Warsaw, Poland, we can all watch as the most powerful man in the world works on his fitness.

The video, surreptitiously obtained by Facebook user Jean Ekwa, shows Obama struggling to select a set of weights then going into a vigorous combination set of bicep curls/lunges/shoulder presses (the man needs to be efficient). He continues to work the delts with some straight-arm flies, then moves onto glute exercises and cardio on the elliptical.


Obama lets out a few yawns throughout the workout, but I guess we can't blame him. He's probably pretty busy outside the gym.


The footage raised security concerns, but the Secret Service says there's nothing to worry about. “This is no different than if the President visited a restaurant off the record and other diners took pictures of him,” Brian Leary, said a Secret Service spokesman told Politico.

President Obama - he's just like us.

Bonus hidden camera gym video:


h/t New York Post

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