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Screenshot: Twitter (@LaurelNBCMT)

Would you like to see a picture of me? Here it is.


Which one am I? Doesn’t matter. I’m one of them. I’m either the cat, livid and desperate for blood, or the bear, pleasantly amused by this curious little fellow behind the glass. Pick one; whichever you like, it’s me.

Maybe neither of them is me. Maybe the bear is “your followers” and the cat is “your posts.” Maybe the bear is “your mom” and the cat is “you when she tells you to stop playing Fortnite.”


Maybe the bear is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the cat is conservatives desperately trying to find anything to criticize her about.

Maybe the bear is capitalism, or something? And the cat is like, any of us trying to do anything about it? The glass is society? Or perhaps the bear is society?

None of these is quite right. The bear is my weekend, and the cat is me, and the glass is this damn blog.

Splinter politics writer.

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