Here's Amanda Knox Weighing in on the Whole Stormy Daniels Scandal, I Guess, IDK [UPDATED]

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Here is a headline, published by Mediaite on Friday afternoon, that makes me wish for the heat death of the universe and the destruction of all living things therein: “Amanda Knox: ‘We Can’t Slut-Shame’ Stormy Daniels ‘Because the President is a Slut Himself.’”


Why are we asking Knox—the American exchange student who was accused and later acquitted of killing her roommate with her Italian boyfriend—about the porn actress President Trump allegedly had an affair with and later paid off through his lawyer? Because that’s what Megyn Kelly, failed morning show host, does.

Knox was on the show promoting her new documentary series, The Scarlet Letter Reports, where she interviews women who’ve been vilified by the media—a topic Knox knows plenty about. She correctly argued that Daniels has frequently been framed as a unreliable source because of her work in porn.

“I remember reading an opinion article about how we can’t slut-shame Stormy Daniels anymore, because, ‘oh, the president is a slut himself,’” she said, referring to Trump’s many rumored infidelities. “Why are you nostalgic for the time when we could slut-shame the woman and make her shut up?”

She makes a very good point!

Now that Knox has weighed in, we just need Liberace’s ghost, Al Pacino, and the guy from Smash Mouth to throw in their two cents, and we’ll officially have input from everyone on this topic.

Correction: The text and headline of this post originally mischaracterized Knox’s remarks. They’ve been updated to reflect that Knox was citing an opinion piece.

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