Here's an Animated Donkey Kong Wedding Cake

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There are so many reasons to not share the video we’re about to share. Among these are the fact that it’s technically a promo video for some weird party company, there’s dubstep involved, and weddings are involved. The clip also doesn’t offer much when it comes to context. But try as we might, Donkey Kong makes it so damn cool it's hard for us to ignore.


The video—created by Posh Entertainment—features a wedding cake animated with Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Super Mario Bros., and other classic games. The animation is made through projection mapping, a process in which irregular surfaces are mapped in a computer program so that a projector can recognize its shape.


So this is how you profit to teens in northern New Jersey: you cater to their false sense of nostalgia (they weren't even alive when these games came out) and you slap on an Avicii tune. Hey, works for us.

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