Here's Another Sign That Trump Is Fully Committed to Terrorizing Undocumented Immigrants

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There’s been a lot of well-founded talk this week about President Donald Trump, the flip-flopper. On Wednesday alone, Trump contradicted himself on at least six avowed public positions. But there’s one campaign trail promise that Trump has been remarkably consistent on: his plans to build a big, beautiful, wildly expensive wall at our southern border with Mexico, and to dramatically increase the scale and scope of the government’s assault on immigrant communities.


On Wednesday evening, the Washington Post reported on yet another sign that terrorizing undocumented people is perhaps Trump’s most cherished policy goal.

According to an internal Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by the Post, the administration has already found an additional 33,000 beds for undocumented people who have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, and started conversations with local police about how they can help enforcement Trump’s executive orders on immigration.


Also among the internal recommendations are provisions to drop polygraph tests and lower the bar for physical fitness as part of a push to speed up the hiring process for an additional 5,000 border patrol agents.

With ICE agents sweeping up hundreds of immigrants in mass raids, arresting mothers with no criminal record, and detaining people when they apply for green cards, the situation for undocumented communities is already dire. If these latest plans get carried out, things could get even worse. And that’s clearly how Trump wants it.

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