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Hey, what's up, hello! On Friday, one-eyed rap god Fetty Wap released his first full-length studio album into the world. Fetty had a pretty rough weekend after surviving a messy motorcycle accident and spending some time in the hospital getting a splint on his leg. The terror that came from thinking "what if we lost lost Fetty?" diverted some attention from his music. Anyone who's heard a Fetty Wap track—like "Trap Queen" or "My Way"—knows that part of what makes his songs irresistibly catchy is the repetition, both lyrically and sonically. He chants catchphrases and words over and over. These repetitions make Fetty Wap so much fun to listen to, and we broke them down, by the numbers:

3: Ways to say hi

Hey! What's up! Hello! These are the three ways Fetty wants to say hi to you!

5: Ways to whip it

These include but are not limited to "like a stir fry" and "like pie."


6: References to Robin Jeans

Fetty Wap loves having wings on his butt. Why he is obsessed with Robins as a particular brand of jeans is beyond me, but he loves them enough to say their name 6 different times.

7: Times Fetty mentions Liu Kang

Liu Kang is a character on the video game Mortal Combat who has a pretty serious finishing kick move. Fetty must like this.


9: Ways of saying "money"

Fetty loves bankrolls, pesos, hundies, change, all about that money.


12: Times you hear the phrase "so damn fine"

How fine is Fetty's girl? So. Damn. Fine.

15: Shoutouts to RGF Productions

Fetty's album loves to give shoutouts to his friends and colleagues. RGF Productions is the group that directed the "Trap Queen" video. The head of the production studio, Nitt Da Gritt, also drops a couple of verses on the album.


17: Types of cars

As the song "I'm Straight" goes:

Got so many cars, take up the parking lot, ayy
A couple of my cars take up two parking spots, ayy
I got so many keys, don't know which car to drive, ayy


Fetty mentions 17 different types of cars because cars are Fetty's favorite, and so is the number 17.


35: Mentions of "Remy Boyz"

The Remy Boyz are Fetty's boyz!!!! Fetty is from Patterson, New Jersey, and he has a #group of best friends called the Remy Boyz. This crew includes Fetty Wap, Montana Buckz, and P-Dice, all of whom contribute on the album. Sometimes it's "Remy Boyz 1738," but we counted the number of times you hear "1738" on its own. We'll get to that.


43: Incidents of "Squaaaaaaaaaaa!"

This is may be an abbreviation of the word "squad," but I'm not sure. Sometimes early in a song, or right before the chorus, a smaller voice in the background will scream SQUAAAAAAA! This is a defining sound for this album, probably because it happens at least 43 prominent times.


51: Times you hear "1738"

Like I said, Fetty LOVES his boyz. There are only two songs on this entire album that don't have a 1738 (or a seventeen) reference. Those songs are "How we Do Things" and "Again," obviously Fetty's least favorite songs.


76: Number of "Zoo" references

Fetty Wap, a magical human full of mysteries and a single eye, also likes to call himself "Zoo." He named his most recent mixtape "Zoo Style," and uses "Zoo" as as nickname for himself, in many forms. On the album, Fetty says everything from "Zoovie" and "Zoowap" to "Zoovie Jordan."


253: How many times the word "baby" is uttered

Fetty Wap's first Top 40 hit "Trap Queen" was a kind of love song to his girl, so it's no surprise that his debut album would be a full love letter all about his "baby." Fetty loves his baby so much that he says the word "baby" 253 times on this album, baby! And that doesn't even include the 7 times someone says "bae."


Haven't heard Fetty Wap's new album? You can listen to it right here on Spotify.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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