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The Oscars start Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST, with red carpet stuff kicking off at 7 on ABC. If you're planning on watching, but don't have cable or a TV to see it on, here's how to see the show online for free.


Option 1:, as well as the Watch ABC app, will have a livestream of the events, but both will require you to have a separate login from a cable provider, so you may have to ask a friend or family member with cable for their credentials. It may also not be available in your city.

Option 2: It's 2016, and if there's a major live event going on, someone is probably illegally Periscoping it. Download the Periscope app to watch it on your phone, or use Perisearch on your computer to find someone streaming the ceremony from their couch.


Option 3: As of Friday, there were a few sites, including this one and this one and this one, that were advertising free live-streams of the show. These sites may get taken down, but it looks like they'll work in an emergency.

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