screenshots of posters from American Vanguard

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Lone Star State is the worst in the country when it comes to hate groups recruiting on college campuses.

The claim comes from an Anti-Defamation League report looking at the white supremacist presence at different colleges.


As of March 6, the ADL logged 107 instances of white supremacist groups posting hateful fliers at campuses across the country during this school year alone—with the vast majority of those incidents happening since January. The ADL, which calls the recruiting effort “unprecedented,” reports that Texas, along with California, has seen the most activity.

Looking at Texas provides some insight into the deliberate, organized nature of the recruiting. One of the most prominent white supremacist groups in the country, Vanguard America, announced a “Texas Offensive” last month, a “mass poster effort” that targeted seven Texas universities, including Texas State University, Rice, and most recently, Texas Christian University. Louisiana State University was also included in the offensive, despite, you know, not being in Texas.

The California-based group does not identify as a white supremacist group, despite plastering fliers that urge students to “reclaim America” and stating “Every race needs a nation. Whites are no different.” Its site also urges its readers to "imagine a Muslim-free America."

The posters draw heavily from Soviet-era propaganda posters, and are designed to provoke fear among white students that they are losing their country.


Colleges have become a flashpoint for this type of recruitment because they’re seen as liberal enclaves—or as Jared Taylor, creator of the white supremacists blog, American Renaissance, refers to them: “bastions of anti-white propaganda.”

From the ADL:

“Racial activists,” Jared Taylor wrote on the American Renaissance website, should place the “attractive posters” in “high-traffic areas” around campus.


Not surprisingly, Donald Trump's presidency has emboldened these efforts.

In January,  Taylor wrote, “It is widely understood that the election of Donald Trump is a sign of rising white consciousness….Now is the time to press our advantage in every way possible.”

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