Here's Lindsey Graham Being Confronted With His Raging Hypocrisy

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You’ve gotta hand it to walking colostomy bag Lindsey Graham: There’s no one else in Washington who crams quite as much unadulterated bullshit into such a small frame.

Faced on Thursday with the fact that he had once famously declared that any attempt by president Donald Trump to fire (now-fired former) Attorney General Jeff Sessions would result in “hell to pay,” Graham insisted to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that, actually, it’s all good! Nothing to see here, after all!


“So, when was that? What year was that?” Graham, feigning innocence, asked MacCallum, after she played the clip of his Old Testament-style proclamation.


It was from July 2017, MacCallum reminded him, adding: “Things have changed.”

Indeed, ol’ Lindsey has had a hell of a year since then, complete with psychotic breakdowns, idiotic bro-fights, and super-duper racism. So, maybe he genuinely doesn’t remember pretending to give a shit about Sessions, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or the concept of having anything other than a jello mold where his spine used to be.


Or, perhaps he’s simply come to accept his true self: A complete toady for Donald Trump, who is willing to debase himself day after day for the privilege of kissing the president’s ring in order to get a few more precious moments on TV..