Screenshot: Aaron Rupar (Twitter)

Come gather round, and bask in the warming glow of former White House flack and current waste of space Sean Spicer getting heckled at a signing for his hilariously bad new book The Briefing at a Barnes & Noble in New York.

In video provided to ThinkProgress journalist Aaron Rupar, Spicer is (accurately) called a ‚Äúgarbage person‚ÄĚ who wrote a ‚Äúgarbage book‚ÄĚ by an anonymous hero who is quickly escorted away from the evidently not-well-attended Q&A event.

The well-earned roasting comes just days after BBC journalist Emily Maitlis accused Spicer to his face of having ‚Äúcorrupted discourse for the entire world,‚ÄĚ which, while still a brutal own, is probably nowhere near as satisfying as just telling him he‚Äôs trash.