Here's Sean Spicer Getting Called a 'Garbage Person' at a Book Signing

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Come gather round, and bask in the warming glow of former White House flack and current waste of space Sean Spicer getting heckled at a signing for his hilariously bad new book The Briefing at a Barnes & Noble in New York.


In video provided to ThinkProgress journalist Aaron Rupar, Spicer is (accurately) called a “garbage person” who wrote a “garbage book” by an anonymous hero who is quickly escorted away from the evidently not-well-attended Q&A event.

The well-earned roasting comes just days after BBC journalist Emily Maitlis accused Spicer to his face of having “corrupted discourse for the entire world,” which, while still a brutal own, is probably nowhere near as satisfying as just telling him he’s trash.

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