Here's Steve Bannon Speaking to a Pathetically Empty Room in Staten Island

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On Sunday, Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, dropped her name from a conference being co-hosted by the BBC, citing Steve Bannon’s presence on the billing. In an attempt to justify their invitation, the BBC wrote to Stergeon’s office that Bannon was “a powerful and influential figure.”

On Monday, that “powerful and influential figure” made his presence known in front of a roaring crowd on Staten Island. Doing the Lord’s work, NY1 reporter Josh Robin somehow managed to squeeze his way in among the throngs of screaming fans and throngs of bright-eyed young professionals looking to bask in the glow of Bannon’s towering intellect to capture the frenzy that went down in New York’s favorite borough. Be warned, this is not your grandfather’s rally.


Well, actually, if your grandfather lives on Staten Island and was among the roughly two dozen folks that decided this beat watching that snooty Alex Trebek for the zillionth night in a row, this probably was his rally.


A reminder: Steve Bannon’s usefulness is now measured in precisely how many reporters and dipshit conference-runners decide to call him. Stop calling him.