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If you're joining Wednesday'sĀ Day Without A Woman protestā€“or striking with in solidarity with peopleĀ around the world for the International Women's Strikeā€“organizers already have you covered with theĀ perfect out-of-officeĀ auto email response.

Via the Women's March website:

[Your personal greeting]

Thank you for your email. Iā€™m out of the office today to participate in the Womenā€™s March on Washingtonā€™s Day Without A Woman in observance of International Womenā€™s Day. I am not working today and will respond to your message tomorrow. For anything urgent, please contact [Insert name of male colleague covering your work, if applicable].

In solidarity,

[Insert your name]

They've already done half the work for you! Now you just need to do the other halfā€“finding events in your area if you're joining the strike, or seeking out other avenues to participate if you're not able to strike.