Here's Trump Forgetting Anthony Kennedy's Name Like an Idiot

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Screenshot: Twitter (@realDonaldTrump)

Shortly after the news broke that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the court at the end of July—handing President Trump a second vacancy to fill and a gift-wrapped item to motivate Republican voters ahead of the midterms—Trump seemed to forget what guy he was talking about altogether.


“A man I also have great respect for, Justice Anthony [looooong pause] you know who I’m talking about,” Trump began in remarks at the White House Wednesday afternoon, before finishing that thought: “Justice Kennedy will be retiring.”


You could almost see the gears turning: Justice Anthony something something.... Antonin was the one that died, OK it’s DEFINITELY not him....KENNEDY! 

Trump went on to praise whoever that guy is as a “spectacular man” who will be “respected for a long time” after his years of “tremendous service.” The search for his replacement will start “immediately,” the president also said.

Listen, we’re entirely fucked, I know that. But in this moment, I needed this. What a fucking idiot.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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