Here's Trump Screaming in Front of a Plane About How He Has Unlimited Power

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Following a week of ignominious policy defeats and not-altogether shocking Cabinet departures, President Donald Trump would like the American public to know that he still thinks he possesses virtually limitless constitutional power.

Speaking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller with reporters outside the White House on Friday, Trump insisted his near-omnipotence derives from “a thing called Article II”—presumably meaning the section of the Constitution on presidential authority (given that this is Trump, though, he might also be talking about the second article he read on InfoWars this morning).


“Nobody ever mentions Article II,” Trump continued. “It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before.”

In fact, Article II gives him “rights” at exactly the same level as every other president for the past 200+ years. But, that’s really beside the point here. I would bet all the money in my wallet right now ($17 and a coupon to Cold Stone Creamery) that Trump has no idea what’s actually in Article II, which is chock full of very clearly enumerated limits to his power, as well as the basis by which he can be removed from office through impeachment.


This is not, however, Trump’s first time claiming he has nigh-unrestrained power thanks to Article II. Speaking with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in June, Trump responded to questions about why he didn’t fire Mueller by insisting that he could have because “Article II allows me to do whatever I want.”