Here's Trump Speaking to a Group of Children and Oh God

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Photo: Susan Walsh (AP)

On Thursday, President Donald Trump addressed a group of children visiting the White House for the annual Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. He sounded downright loony.

Addressing the “young, beautiful people” assembled before him, Trump rambled about the day’s “politically correct term,” and declared that “I even love the media today.”


“I see these beautiful children, products of the media, and I actually like you much more than your parents,” he continued.

He then bragged about the economy, which is definitely a normal thing to bring up to a group of kids, and then complained about how much the presidential limousine costs.


Pivoting from one sequitur to another, Trump went on to praise drug detection dogs as “some of the finest equipment in the world,” adding, “and while I have you, never take drugs, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, enjoy your life.”

In conclusion, per Trump, “No drugs, no alcohol—you’ll lead a great life—no smoking [yes, again] and just have a great, great life.”

Boy can this guy connect with kids, or what!

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