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Good morning, are y’all ready for some freaky shit? Because here comes Tucker Carlson comparing Pete Buttigieg to... stew.


Tucker led into his Buttigieg monologue last night with an extended, vaguely homophobic analogy about the American news media moving on from Beto O’Rourke for the “younger, hotter” Buttigieg. Sure, fine. Characterizing politics as a romantic relationship is nothing new. You know what is new though? Whatever this is.

“They want to consume him, like a hearty stew,” Carlson the goblin said. “Every last drop of Buttigieg, yum.”

Shortly before this, Tucker seized on Nicolle Wallace saying Buttigieg is “chicken soup for my soul,” which, yeah, is weird in its own right (but also surprisingly apt, as the Chicken Soup books she’s referencing are basically Buttigieg as a candidate: lukewarm, vaguely Christian slog that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside).


Here’s the full clip; the Stewigieg comments are about two minutes in, after which Tucker segues seamlessly into attacking Bernie Sanders and making California Rep. Eric Swalwell into a comin’ fer yer guns bogeyman. (Swalwell is running on an aggressive gun control platform.)

All of that is unimportant. Please, watch the stew bit:

I will have the image of Tucker gazing intensely into the camera while saying “every last drop of Buttigieg” burned into my mind for a long, long time.

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