Here's Wedding Crasher Trump Planting a Wet One on the Bride

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Donald Trump loves weddings, so much so that he’s personally had three! He loves to be a guest too—whenever there’s one going on at one of his many tacky properties while he’s visiting, he occasionally shows up, assuming (correctly) that anyone willing to get married at a Trump venue is probably one of his fans.


For everyone watching this from the outside, however, it is extremely, intensely weird. Are people... OK with all this?

BuzzFeed News’ Miriam Elder flagged the latest batch, culled from an Instagram account that appears to just repost photos of the first family. Let’s look:

Here’s more of it on video, including an attempted cheek kiss on the bride. Yikes.

The account that originally posted these videos is now private, but the very strange “firstfamilytrumpwhitehouse” account reposted what provides a fairly detailed record. Jared and Ivanka were there!


All in all, a strange event. Just pure fan service, really—Trump gets to have a mini-rally for himself every time he does this. And it’s pretty clear he absolutely loves it.


Let’s all go look at something else now.

Contributing Writer, Splinter