Here's what happened when Bernie Sanders supporters tried to protest Hillary Clinton's DNC speech

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Throughout the DNC, supporters of Bernie Sanders inside the Wells Fargo Center have made their voices heard—even when their presence has rankled many around them. Despite Sanders endorsing Clinton weeks ago, giving an endorsement speech for her, and being the one to put her name in for nomination, some of his backers continued to demonstrate inside the convention hall.

Reports emerged on Thursday that Sanders' supporters inside the convention hall would wear lime-green shirts (so as to not be green-screened away) with the message "Enough is enough" during the last night of the festivities as well as continue their protests.


Moreover, they announced they would be doing something during the acceptance speech.

When the time came, though, there were attempts to interrupt the speech with coordinated chants and shouting, but they didn't disrupt Clinton (she even shut down one when she reminded the crowd of President Obama's "don't boo, vote" line from the night before).


Overhead shots of the crowd broadcast on CSPAN following the balloon drop showed plenty of people wearing lime green, but it was impossible to say whether or not their "plans" were in motion.


So why did the expected metaphorical fireworks not arrive? The Sanders supporters were allegedly being countered at every step while attempting to protest inside the arena.

In a video, California delegate and Sanders backer Eden McFadden alleged that Sanders delegates were being denied seats, being seated under white noise machine, having their signs blocked, and other unsavory practices, according to US Uncut.

“They’re sticking out like a sore thumb and acting fishy. One guy was trying to reserve five seats, and he kept his head low, covering his face, and hunching low so he didn’t show his credentials,” McFadden said. “We eventually saw that he had a hall pass, which only technically lets you into the building, but not on the floor. DNC security in the yellow vests aren’t removing them.”


A Facebook post on the Occupy Wall Street account posted before the speech started alerted others of a walk out being prevented by holding an impromptu lock in, noting "there is a chance that the Fire Marshall may open it up for short periods at their discretion."


Demexit? Bernxit? Whatever you wanted to call it, it didn't happen. At least there were some fireworks last night.


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