Here's what I learned from Rankzoo, the first analytics app for Vine

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If there's one thing teens love, it's number-crunching. And data. And analytics.

Just kidding. But I'd bet that the young people slowly building social media empires over Vine could get some serious use out of Rankzoo, a new iOS app from Collab that hit the App Store Tuesday.


The app, the first of its kind to provide analytics for Viners, allows users to see how many loops, followers, and posts they've posted or accumulated in the last 30 days. The tool also provides per-post averages from the last 30 days for stats like loops, likes, and revines, plus an engagement rate.

For example, here's how I stack up.


I never said I was a role model.

To be fair, I've only posted one Vine ever, and, even though it's really, really good (!!!!), it has only been viewed by a handful of people.

So, I suck at Vine. [Ed. note: I love this Vine.]

But Rankzoo wasn't really created for people who are terrible at Vine/barely even use it—so, me. The app targets Vine's most active and engaged users who are "obsessed" with their stats; picture the Viners who are able to command anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per ad campaign.


"Rankzoo's really designed for people that create Vines," Collab co-CEO Tyler McFadden told me over the phone. "It's mostly really a tool for them to help them grow their audience."

We of the Vine Illiterati can still make use out of the app, McFadden adds: "For people that are non-Viners or brands, Rankzoo allows you to see who is popular."


To do that, head over to the "Leaderboard" section of Rankzoo, which McFadden says weighs loops and follower counts equally in determining its rankings.

As for Rankzoo's popularity at launch, McFadden was unable to provide data on the number of app downloads.


Where am I on the Leaderboard, you're probably not wondering? My haters will pleased to know that I am so bad at Vine that I don't even rank. Another tough lesson from the School of Hard Rankzoo.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.