Here's what it's like to sing Mariah Carey songs with Mariah Carey in your car

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

James Corden only made his debut as Late Late Show host on Monday, but come Wednesday's episode, he was already singing Mariah Carey songs, in his car, with Mariah Carey. This is the American dream.


The pop star (who was a great sport) and the British comedian (who apparently knows all the words to every Mariah Carey song, ever) drive through the streets of L.A. serenading each other with "Always Be My Baby," "Fantasy," "Vision of Love," and "Thirsty." They also practice speaking in various accents and Mariah, in true Mariah form, announces that she's 18 years old. It's a beautiful piece of television.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If Corden decides to fill one hour a night, five nights a week with footage of himself singing car radio karaoke with Mimi, we'll definitely support him. Jimmy Fallon can always drown his sorrows in celebrity flip cup.

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