Here's why this horse just got named one of the USA's most influential Jews

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Sometimes, in this world, it's important that we list things, even if there's not really any real reason for the list. It's mostly important for the companies making the list, but also for those consuming the lists. Lots of people complain about lists, but really, lists are one of the true unifiers of our people. Everybody loves a good list.


Today's list (List Of The Day, if you will) is from the Jewish Daily Forward, an American newspaper aimed at Jewish folks. It's the Forward 50—the top 50 American Jews today.

It was a big year for Jews here in the USA, the Daily Forward says:

This is a year when American Jews are deeply, loudly and passionately embedded in some of the most pressing political and social issues in the nation.


Amy Schumer! Bernie Sanders! Jon Stewart! Sarah Koenig! All of our favorite American Jews are here, on the list. There's one Jew, though, you might not expect—a horse. His name? American Pharoah. Weird he's on this list—he's only three years old. I don't know many influential three-year-olds, is what I'm saying.

(He's the horse who won the Triple Crown earlier this year.)

Here's the big reveal: American Pharoah, the Forward points out, isn't actually Jewish. His owner, actually, is the Jewish one. Hah! Good one.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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