Screenshot via Morning Joe

In a stunning exchange Wednesday night, one of the men vying to be Donald Trump's secretary of state insisted that an American journalist is "biased" because she came to the country as a political refugee fleeing the former Soviet Union.

During an interview with Yahoo News' Bianna Golodryga, California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher argued that Russia does not, in fact, have a long history of flagrant human rights abuses.

"When you talk about human rights' abusers in China, much can be said about Russia as well in that regard," Golodryga said, prompting Rohrabacher to exclaim, "Oh, baloney!"

"Where do you come from? How can you say that?" he continued.

Golodryga replied that she's from Moldova, a country formerly of the Soviet Union, and came to the country as a political refugee.


"Oh, well then that's good," the congressman fired back, "then the audience knows you're biased."

Golodryga was clearly floored by the insinuation.

"I'm biased because I'm an American citizen who was born in a foreign country?" she asked.


"Yeah, yeah, when you start saying that about Russia…Did you know there have been no political reforms in China? None," he replied.

The interview only went more off the rails after that.

Rohrabacher's remarks could make him a good fit as Trump's secretary of state, where he could make the President-elect's approving comments about Putin a key tenet of American foreign policy.


It's really worth watching the whole insane exchange via Morning Joe: