Hero Ruins Donald Trump's Patriotism Fest By Taking a Knee During the National Anthem

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The White House hosted a fancy garden party on Tuesday to celebrate patriotic songs, standing at respectful attention during those patriotic songs, and whatever else you can celebrate when an entire championship football team has no interest in spending any time with you.

But nestled in the crowd of apparently not particularly knowledgable sports fans was a single, as-yet-unidentified hero who did the one thing President Donald Trump absolutely did NOT want to happen on his big day: he knelt in protest during the National Anthem.

Carina Bergfeldt, a correspondent for Swedish Pubic Television, posted video of the lone protester on Twitter:


According to others at the event, the nameless hero quickly stood up and left after the crowd finished singing the anthem.

The mysterious kneeler was not the only protester on hand for President Trump’s patriotic pep rally. At least one other attendee actively heckled the president with shouts of “stop hiding behind the armed services and the National Anthem,” according to CNN’s Noah Grey, who also reported the protester was “booed and called a Cowboys fan.” Brutal.


Nameless football protest hero, we salute you.

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