Heroic Cyclist Gives Trump the Finger As President Leaves VA Golf Course

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

With a single gesture, a cyclist in Virginia has captured the sentiment of nearly everyone on the planet.


Donald Trump was in his presidential motorcade Saturday leaving the Trump National Golf Club in VA, where he has spent the last four consecutive weekends, when an unidentified cyclist flipped him the bird.

A photo of the exchange was tweeted out by Voice of America News’ White House bureau chief Steve Herman, along with a media pool report.

According to Herman, the cyclist flipped the president off a second time when the motorcade stopped at a traffic light in Sterling, VA. Reporters couldn’t tell if Trump noticed or not.

Since taking office nine months ago, Trump has spent 96 days at one of his properties. Of those, he’s spent 76 days at one of his golf properties, according to an NBC News tracker.

Weekend Editor, Splinter