He's Just Gonna Say the Wall Is Done

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You don’t have to give the bad man things. Just make him wait long enough and he’ll start telling his fans that he got them.

He’s already telling people that “Mexico is paying for the wall,” via an imaginary funding mechanism that exists solely in the mind of our nation’s foremost economist, the guy with the gold toilet. He’s already telling people that “Much of the Wall has already been fully renovated or built,” in the same sense that “Much” of your child’s homework has “already” been “basically done” because they gave it some thought, while smoking weed. He is speaking here to his “base,” a word that means “the 30% or so of people who will believe anything he says no matter what.”

The government is currently shut down because he can’t get money to build his stupid wall. There is no sign that he will get money to build his stupid wall. So what will happen? Eventually, he will declare victory and move on. I am willing to bet as much as $2 that a year from now, when he is doing his reelection rallies for his stupid fans, he will be telling them, “We built the wall.” The fact that this is not true does not matter, obviously.


Are the people who vote for him going to walk the border and check? No. So he will just say the wall is done. “I did it!” he will say. Or something along those lines. We put up some fencing here, we enacted a new trade deal with Mexico there... voila, I did The Wall.

The fact that this is not true certainly will not matter to his base. Look at all the other shit they believe already.

The good news is you don’t have to give him his damn wall.

Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com

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