High Schooler Posts Black Classmates on Craigslist as 'Slaves for Sale'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A student at a Florida highs school has been suspended this week after posting a photo of two black, female classmates on Craigslist and offering them as “slaves for sale.”


While the original Craigslist posting has been removed, the ad reportedly offered the pair for $470, advertising the young women as:

“Two healthy negro slave gals for sale. Good condition hard work ethic. If you need another pair of hands in the farm or house you are in luck.”

According to local station WPLG, the ad was geotagged to Fleming Island Plantation, a development in the town of Fleming Island, FL.

“I feel disturbed by it,” Skye Fefee, one of the girls featured in the post, told CNN. “It shows me that there is still a lot of racism in this school.”

Fefee reportedly was notified of the ad after it was shared to her by a friend on Snapchat.

In a statement, Clay County Schools Superintendent Addison Davis condemned the racist post.


“We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we are disheartened that any of our students would be subject to discrimination,” Davis wrote. “Fleming Island High School administration and district leadership are working together to create a school-wide plan of action to strengthen the climate and culture while celebrating the school’s diversity. We encourage parents and guardians to take the time to talk to their child about this important matter.”

While the student responsible for the posting has not been named by the district, WPLG reports that he is a senior at Fleming Island, and has been suspended for 10 days, after which he has been assigned to a alternative school, He may face expulsion, based on the school board’s recommendation.