Long distance relationships are hard. We all know that. However, despite the challenges of maintaining one, recent statistics show that 25 to 50 percent of college students are currently in one. And up to 75 percent of them have been in one at some point, according to the International Communication Association. Their research also shows that three million married couples in the U.S. live apart.

That's because it turns out distance may make the heart grow fonder, even when sex and intimacy over distance proves difficult. To get around that, here are some high-tech ways to spice up your relationship with your long-distance love.



Claiming to be "the world's best interactive toy for internet love," LovePalz launched in 2012 and has sold over 10,000 pieces.

LovePalz simulates sex between a man and a woman using two tubes that look a lot like colorful, PVC tubes. There is an "innie" piece called "Zeus" for a man and an outtie unit called "Hera" for a woman. Zeus has an air pump which simulates the sensation of female genitalia, while Hera simulates the sensation of male genitalia. Both pieces create a realistic sexual experience for both partners by tightening or expanding according to their partner's real-life body movements which are communicated through wifi.


Price: $189 per piece



Creator of Vibease, Hermione Way, calls her product "the world's first smart vibrator" that was created with women in mind. Unlike most vibrators, which focus on intensity, Vibease uses the other senses to stimulate the mind and body. Using a smartphone, you can use a chat feature that allows you to control the vibration remotely for your partner. Through the apps online marketplace, you can download erotic stories that determine the vibrator's intensity. (Words like "softly" would make it pulse softer, while words like "grab" would be more intense.) And, you (and your lover) can record and upload your own erotic stories in your voice as well. The product promises to "provide women with a new level of pleasure."

Price: $79 for one/$149 for two

Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk, is, perhaps one of the most "innocent" of long-distance-friendly sex toys. It's a soon-to-be-launched product consisting of two wristbands that connect to a smartphone app enabling couples to connect through their heartbeats. (How sweet is that?!)

Price: Not yet available

So, don't let distance stand in the way of developing something real with someone far away. Technology has got you covered.