Hillary Clinton and an invisible earpiece are at the center of a new, extremely dumb conspiracy theory

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There was plenty for conservatives to complain about following NBC's presidential forum on Wednesday night.

A futuristic microscopic earpiece secretly feeding answers to Hillary Clinton is probably not one of them.


And yet, that is the story blowing up the shadowy corners of the conservative internet on Thursday, as right-wing media sites large and small push the theory that Hillary Clinton was wearing some sort of miniature speaker in her inner ear canal that unfairly provided her with coaching and support during the interview.

It all started with a thinly sourced report from a website called "True Pundit," which claimed that "NYPD sources involved with the NBC forum’s security detail" confirmed that Clinton was concealing an "inductive earpiece" during her interview with Matt Lauer.


How did these "sources " know? Read this paragraph that does not at all sound like hastily written Tom Clancy fan fiction:

Ironically, the revelation that Clinton was wearing such a unit might have only been recognized because of astute NYPD officers attached to her security detail who are accustomed to seeing the stealth apparatus at stage shows, conventions and security personnel of VIPs and international dignitaries at the United nations and elsewhere in the five boroughs. Likewise, NYPD detectives employ a parallel technology to communicate during undercover Ops.

True Pundit also includes photographic evidence of the clandestine earpiece:


From there, the article exploded. Reddit's r/conspiracy, a snake pit of distinguished Reddit detectives famous for misidentifying the Boston bomber, latched on early, as did litigious Twitter user James Woods. Infowars, a website that questioned whether the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary actually happened, ran with the story; it was later tweeted by Trump son and Ivy League graduate Donald Trump Jr.


From there, the story landed on the homepage of conservative mainstay the Drudge Report:


And on the website of Fox News, which features an excellent headline that we can all enjoy:


Was Hillary Clinton being fed answers by an Illuminati leader and/or George Soros via a secretive earpiece during a national television interview?

"There was no earpiece," a Clinton spokesman told the Washington Post.

Aha! Exactly what a cover-up artist would say.

Perhaps we'll never know the truth about Bud-ghazi.