Hillary Clinton goes full Kim Kardashian, releases damning Snapchat of Chris Christie

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Hillary Clinton pulled a Kim Kardashian on Wednesday when she released a video on Snapchat showing Chris Christie—a man who led a brutal mock trial (or, as some people put it, a witch hunt) of her at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night, and who called her "guilty" of a litany of crimes—being extremely nice to her earlier this year.

The contrast between the fire-breathing Christie on display at the RNC and the very, very friendly Christie on display in the Clinton video is almost enough to make you cynical about politics.

Watch the video in full, via Dan Merica at CNN:


Christie has not yet issued a reply via the Notes app, a la Taylor Swift.

Clinton’s social media team has really been having fun with Christie. During his speech/witch hunt on Tuesday, Clinton tweeted this:

Take some solace with your New Jersey brethren, Bruce Springsteen, Christie. He sings about betrayal a lot.

Oh, right.

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