Credit: Kate Stohr/ Source: Flickr

Hillary Clinton has joined Reddit. In her first post, thanking her supporters there, she acknowledged that the platform is not her home turf. "I know it hasn't always been easy, especially here," she wrote, and a quick look at the numbers explains why.

The Hillary Clinton subreddit has fewer than 7,000 subscribers, while Bernie Sanders' has more than 202,000. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that in a three-month sample of comments from across the site, Sanders was mentioned as often as Clinton and Donald Trump combined.

It's too early to tell whether Clinton's about to become an active redditor. She posted only a few hours before taking the debate stage in Flint, Michigan, and while the post garnered hundreds of comments, as of late Sunday she hadn't responded to any herself.

Even so, her fans have welcomed her to their community. One even bought her a membership to Reddit Gold, the site's premium membership program.


Daniel McLaughlin is a creative technologist exploring the 2016 presidential election. Before joining Fusion, Daniel worked at the Boston Globe and graduated from MIT with a BS in urban studies and planning.