Hillary Clinton just won the New York Democratic primary

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Hillary Clinton is projected to win the New York Democratic presidential primary, according to ABC News, significantly strengthening her chances of becoming the Democratic nominee.


Clinton boasted having won contests all over the country but said of New York, "this one's personal."

Going into tonight's contest, Clinton was a strong favorite—she led Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by more than ten points in some of the most recent polling. Prior to New York's primary, Clinton lost 8 out of the last 9 state contests but managed to maintain a sizable delegate lead over Sanders.

Prior to tonight, Bernie Sanders needed to lock up 57% of the remaining delegates in order to surpass Hillary Clinton in pledged delegates (Clinton's lead against Sanders grows when Democratic "superdelegates" are included). His path to the nomination is significantly narrowed by tonight's results.

Among New York City's diverse neighborhoods, Clinton performed best in Manhattan and the Bronx, while Sanders performed better in the younger and working-class neighborhoods within Brooklyn and Queens.

Earlier in the day, there was considerable frustration among voters after thousands of Brooklyn Democrats were dropped from the voter rolls. The New York City Comptroller has ordered an audit of the city's Board of Elections in response to the apparent voter issues.