Hillary Clinton says she'd support Black Lives Matter through police reforms

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Hillary Clinton has unequivocally affirmed that "black lives matter"— it just took some gentle nudging from the from Black Lives Matter activist groups. She has since stated that she "intend[s] to fight" for some of the demands of Black Lives Matter activists. But the question remains: how would she do that?


The Democratic presidential hopeful answered that question head-on during the Iowa Brown and Black Forum, hosted at Drake University in Des Moines Monday night. Moderator and Fusion contributor Akilah Hughes asked Clinton how her administration would prove that black lives matter, not just say it.

Clinton said she's thought a lot about the issue and that she would prove her commitment to defending black lives with a series of reforms to the criminal justice system.

"Criminal justice reform, policing reform, incarceration reform—I believe strongly that this has to be the strongest priority of our [next] president," she said.

Clinton rattled off a perfunctory list of ways she would "disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline" —ending the incarceration of low-level offenders, seeking alternative treatment options to incarceration, and incentivizing private investment in "the most disinvested" communities— without detailing an execution plan. Clinton also stressed that these reforms make also make economic sense.

"[Our current system] is such a violation of what we say our values are, you know, 'equal before the law,'" the candidate said. "Well, we have systemic racism and bias that is implicit in our system, and unless we begin to go after that and expose it and end it we won't solve this problem."


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