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Wednesday night was the last presidential debate that America will get to see for the next four years, and the internet decided to mark the occasion by not saying anything sexist about Hillary Clinton.

Just kidding! The internet was still busy being its usual, sexist self.

Wednesday’s debate, like the two showdowns that preceded it, managed to provoke yet another chorus of complaints about Hillary Clinton’s smile and voice.


As Fusion noted after the first presidential debate, there's a lot of irony in male pundits complaining about Clinton’s smile, after another gaggle of male pundits spent the first half of this election complaining that she didn’t smile enough.


But it’s not just men on Twitter who have taken issue with Clinton’s grin. Two British tabloids, The Sun and Daily Mail, both weighed in with their own criticisms of Clinton’s smile, even arguing that it might cost her the election. Here, respectively, are their headlines:


It's worth noting that both Daily Mail and The Sun have been knocked for their conservative bent in the past (the latter is owned by Newscorp CEO and notorious conservative Rupert Murdoch). Still, choosing to refer to Clinton as a "creepy grandma" when she is running against a grandfather who literally brags about walking into women's dressing rooms unannounced is beyond baffling, even for this wild election.

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