Historic Poll: Top 25 findings from major Cuba survey

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In an historic new poll of Cuba, Fusion found that Cubans are overwhelmingly supportive of normalizing relations with the U.S., optimistic about their future—and bigger fans of Barack Obama than either Castro brother.

The poll—considered to be the biggest and most comprehensive independent public opinion study conducted on the island in the past 50 years—was conducted by local pollsters under the direction of the Miami-based firm Bendixen & Amandi on behalf of Univision Noticias/Fusion in collaboration with The Washington Post. It was conducted without the consent of the Cuban government; 1,200 Cubans across the island were interviewed in person between March 17-27. The data offers a unique insight into public opinion on an island where reliable polling is notoriously difficult and where 75 percent of Cubans claim they have to be careful what they say in public. (Here's more on the methodology and full results.)

The poll claims a 2.8 percent margin of error and a 95 percent confidence level.

Here are some of the key findings:


For more on poll's methodology, click here.  For full poll results, click here.


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