Hollywood Men Completely Ignored Sexual Harassment at the Golden Globes

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The Golden Globes saw a lot of powerful and moving speeches by women about our current, freighted cultural moment. (That Oprah speech, OMFG.) The men of the Golden Globes, meanwhile, appeared to think that wearing a #TimesUp pin meant they could completely ignore the cascading revelations of sexual abuse that have rocked their industry. By my count, literally every man who won avoided mentioning harassment entirely.

The dichotomy was painful and obvious throughout the night. Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern won awards for Big Little Lies and spoke at length about the fight against sexual harassment. Their co-star Alexander Skarsgård, meanwhile, gave a somewhat wobbly shoutout to Kidman and managed to refer to his female colleagues as “girls.”

Elisabeth Moss won for The Handmaid’s Tale and quoted Margaret Atwood and the fight for women’s liberation. James Franco, meanwhile, won for The Disaster Artist, thanked all of his guy friends and his brother, and shoved the subject of his movie out of the way so he could keep talking.

Rachel Brosnahan won for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and talked about the importance of hearing the stories of marginalized people. Sam Rockwell, meanwhile, won for what I think is the worst movie of 2017, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, thanked his director for not being a “dick,” and made a vague comment about compassion. Thanks?


Ewan MacGregor said nothing. Aziz Ansari said nothing. Guillermo del Toro said basically nothing. Gary Oldman said nothing, though he gave a huge shoutout to Winston Churchill. Martin McDonagh, who wrote and directed Three Billboards, said nothing twice! Every man: nothing, nothing, nothing.


I know a speech isn’t some game-changing thing, but to ignore this huge scandal that men are entirely responsible for is some weak bullshit and these men all suck.