Homeland Security Secretary Says She's Not Sure Norway Is Mostly White

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Testifying on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen insisted that, actually, she has no idea if Norway was predominantly white.

Nielsen told Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy that Donald Trump’s insistence on preferring Norwegian immigrants to the U.S. over those coming from “shithole” African countries was predicated not on race, but simply on the skills and merits of the industrious Norwegans.

“Being from Norway is not a skill,” Leahy countered, before asking Nielsen whether “Norway is a predominantly white country.”


Here is Nielsen’s word for word answer:

I’m... I... eeeee... I actually do not know that sir, but I imagine that is the case.

Sure. For those curious, Norway is in fact 82% ethnically Norwegian, with an additional 8% of its population described as “other European” according to the U.S. government. So, yeah, it’s pretty white.