Homeless man finds human remains, brings skull to Publix, uses it like a puppet

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Of course, it was a Florida Man.

Local TV station WPBF reports a homeless man entered a Sebastian, Fla., grocery store carrying a human skull in an attempt to inform authorities he found human remains in a nearby wooded area.

Witness accounts say the unidentified man appeared to have trouble getting his message across to customers and workers at the Publix. A sheriff's deputy spokesman said the man placed the skull on top of a trash can to get people to call the police. One witness working at the shopping center said he did a little more than that.


"He was using it like a puppet," Nick Pecoraro told WPBF. "It smelled of death."

"It's definitely a human skull it's still got teeth in it," Pecoraro went on to say in a 911 call recording obtained by WPBF. "I'm standing in front of it, but I'm not touching (it)."


Authorities showed up soon after, and the man led them to the remainder of the skeletal remains. They're investigating the remains and say it's still too early to determine the body's cause of death or gender.

The coverage doesn't say whether or not authorities confiscated the skull, but it's probably safe to assume the unidentified man's burgeoning career as a puppeteer is over.