Hope Hicks Has New Job, Lots of Cash

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Onetime “Trump whisperer” and former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has landed a cushy job with (where else?) the Fox media empire. So, really kind of a lateral move for one of the president’s most trusted one-time advisors.


Hicks, whose White House departure in March left, uh, not much of anything in her wake, will join New Fox—what’s left of Murdoch’s Fox properties following 21st Century Fox’s major asset sale to Disney—as an executive vice president and chief communications officer, according to a press release sent out by Fox on Monday morning.

Hick’s gilded new job will see her overseeing communications for remaining Murdoch entities such as Fox News, Fox Sports, and Fox Business—a perfect next step for someone who once admitted to Congress that her White House job involved lying on behalf of the president. Hicks is now the latest person to use the revolving door between Fox and the Trump administration, after the White House hired of disgrace former Fox News boss Bill Shine to replace her as the administration’s communications director.

After she left the White House, President Trump praised Hicks, calling her “as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person.”

“I will miss having her by my side,” Trump added.

With Hicks serving as Fox’s new corporate mouthpiece, it’ll be like she never left.

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