House Dems Are Trying to Block Trump's Emergency Order

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On Friday, Democrats in the House of Representatives will introduce a resolution that will attempt to block President Trump’s emergency order, which would allow him to use the Army Corps of Engineers to build awall on the southern border, according to Reuters.


The resolution, introduced by Rep. Joaquin Castro, would end the national emergency Trump declared last week.. So far, 92 House Representatives have signed on. Lawmakers may debate the resolution on the House floor in a few weeks.

It’s likely that the House, which is currently controlled by Democrats, will vote to advance the resolution. But if the it progresses to the Republican-controlled Senate, it’s likely to die there. Even if the resolution did miraculously pass, Trump would then have the power to veto it, which could only be overruled by a two-thirds vote in both chambers.

Earlier this week, 16 U.S. states led by California sued Trump and high-ranking administration officials to end the national emergency, an effort that is much more likely to succeed. The administration was also sued last week by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington over the order.

Trump advisors previously predicted such a suit might stall the wall’s construction. They’re hoping that it might be decided in their favor, allowing them to push on in building the dangerous and wasteful wall with taxpayer dollars.