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On Tuesday, Business Insider, the financial news website, announced that it will be purchased by the German publisher Axel Springer. The deal values Business Insider, which is run by Henry Blodget (shown above), at about $442 million.

Hereā€™s how Business Insiderā€™s $50 million in annual revenue compares to other ventures:

1. Business Insider has 76 million unique visitors. Facebook gets the same revenue from just 5 million users.


2. Apple hasĀ the same revenue per store everyĀ 37 days

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3. Goldman Sachs only needed 8.6 hours to pull in that revenue last quarter.


4. An average U.S. Walmart store takes in $16 million more a year.

5. So does Calvin Harris.


6. A Mercedes-Benz dealer in Texas has twice as much estimated annual revenue.

7. ColoradoĀ received $13 million more in taxesĀ on marijuana sales last year.


Sources: Facebook, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Walmart,Ā Forbes,Ā PR NewswireĀ and theĀ Colorado Department of Revenue.

Editor's note: Information aboutĀ Apple's revenue per storeĀ has been corrected.