On the Bravo show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” a cabal of rich ladies regularly get together to drink and fight with each other. But in another part of Beverly Hills, a not-so-different group of women gets together to relax and unwind – with weed.

They’re rich, they’re fabulous, and they love finding ways to elevate how they get buzzed. Think of them as the Real High Wives of Beverly Hills. And think of Cheryl Shuman as their leader.


Many years ago, Shuman told her therapist she was suffering from anxiety. The doctor quipped that she needed to “roll a big fat spliff” to take the edge off. Shuman tried it and found that it relieved her stress without the negative side effects of the pharmaceuticals she had tried in the past. When Shuman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years later, she used marijuana to treat both the disease and the pain (in addition to traditional cancer treatments). She now credits pot with helping her cancer stay in remission.

Today, the so-called “Martha Stewart of marijuana” makes her living growing and selling the drug. Her latest pet project is a kind of hemp oil that can be used to treat certain illnesses. She also hosts the Beverly Hill Cannabis Club, which consists of herself and other wealthy women who like to bring in professional chefs to create dishes that utilize all the parts of the marijuana plant. When Open Source producer Annie Rose Ramos visited the club, they were treating themselves to a meal of pesto made with a hemp oil reduction, chicken cooked in hemp oil, and a marijuana leaf salad. Shuman says she loves trying new recipes that feature her favorite plant.


When lunch is ready, Shuman calls everyone for the meal.

“It’s time to mangia the ganja!”

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