How Does Mike Pence Ride a Bike? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There are some things I don’t picture members of the Trump administration doing simply because I can’t imagine their anatomy working that way. One of those things is biking and cycling. But after a few tweets on Saturday by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, I gotta know: How does Mike Pence ride a bike?


Is Pence just out of shape? Was the trail hard (hilly, end of his ride)? How slow do you have to go for Armstrong to blow “the fuckin’ doors off” of you? Does Pence wear the cycling spandex outfits? Does Pence, defender of the white man’s liberties, believe in helmets??

This administration doesn’t project the image of cardio-loving people, so I’m just surprised that ~someone~ in Washington, D.C. is at least casually interested in raising their heartbeat via exercise.

So, Mike, how do you ride a bike?