How Does Steve King Fit That Galaxy Brain Into Such a Tiny Skull?

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It is my unfortunate duty to inform you, dear reader, that Iowa Republican Rep. Steve “can’t restore our civilization with someone else’s babies” King is still out here trying to act like he’s a totally chill dude who definitely doesn’t pal around with racists.


Speaking at a town hall in Carroll, IA, this weekend, King—who has repeatedly endorsed white supremacists on Twitter and wondered when did doing sobecome offensive?”—defended himself against charges that he met with members of the Nazi-founded, ultra-far-right Austria’s Freedom Party during a trip to that country this past October. You see, King insisted, they couldn’t have been Nazis because, he explained, he was “seated at the table with two homosexuals and a Jew.” Oh.

Per the Carroll Times Herald, here’s how King justified racist roundtable:

“I was introduced to five people I didn’t know,” King said Saturday of his time in Vienna. “We sat down at the table, and during that pause of who’s going to talk first, the gentleman on my right said, ‘Congressman, I think you should know that you’re seated at the table with two homosexuals and a Jew.’ The man across the table said right away, ‘Well, who’s the Jew?’ And that told the rest of us he knew who the other homosexual was, I guess.”


“But I tell you this because nobody is doing any neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic plots with homosexuals and Jews at the table,” King concluded. “It’s the most improbable configuration of people possible.


According to the Herald, a number of audience members “chuckled” as King offered his “two homosexuals and Jew” defense.

In January, Republican leadership removed King from his House committees for being just a little too racist—at least, out loud–after he gave an interview with the New York Times in which he asked: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization. How did that language become offensive?” King has since used the incident to compare himself to Jesus Christ because, “I have better insight into what He went through for us.”

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