How Does This Beyonce Parody Video Make You Feel About Your Student Debt?

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'Partition,' is undoubtedly one of Beyonce's sexiest and most controversial videos. In it she asks her driver to raise the partition for privacy ("Driver, roll up the partition, please. I don't need you seeing 'Yonce on her knees"), so she can…well, you can figure out the rest. Capitalizing on this seductive, playful feel of 'Yonce's song, two YouTube users have remixed it, airing their frustrations with student loan debt and asking for lower tuition ("College, would you lower that tuition, please? Got me in here scrubbing floors on my knees").


Chanel Carroll sings, "Now I'm getting calls and letters to my job. Do I owe Sallie Mae or do I owe the mob?"


While Cuella de Coco sings:

Took forty-five hundred just to get one book

Been a month, and the professor ain't even open it up

I took two more jobs, parents sold our house

And the registrar done Bernie Madoffed my accounts

Now my mama and daddy can't pay their bills

'Cause getting this piece of paper cost them half-a-mill

Gurls, we totally hear you!

Student loan debt is awful. So awful that a 2013 analysis found student loan debt topped credit card debt in the U.S. and it affects different racial groups disproportionately. According to a 2010 College Board study, almost one-third of black students graduated with $30,000 in debt, compared with 16 percent of white students.


So, as Carroll sings, "Pay off [our] loans, please. [We] just want to live the debt-free life."

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