How Many Times Can Beyonce Surprise Us Before We Hate It?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It all started in December when Bey surprised us with Beyonce, complete with 14 songs, 17 music videos and several weekends spent trying to do that flip move she does in "Partition."


Then she made everyone who went to pity-watch Solange at Coachella (Weekend 1) feel like they won the karma lottery of life by hopping on stage and dancing circles around her sister. SURPRISE BEYTCHES!

And a couple days later Beyonce and Jay Z, fresh off their own tours and surprising everyone at Coachella various times, announced they'd be doing ANOTHER tour… This time TOGETHER. And it shall be the summerest tour of all summer tours and shall be remembered as The Mr. and Mrs. Carter Tour for all future generations.

I don't know how many more surprises the public can take. Just this week the couple announced that they won't be attending their BFFL Kanye's wedding because it's going to air as an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and they're above that.

Ok they didn't say they were above it, but did they have to?

Anyway, we all know they're going to show up with the biggest gift and Beyonce wearing white and force Blue to walk down the aisle in front of Kim singing "let's lock this down like it's supposed to be, the '03 Bonnie and Clyde, HOV and Bey, holler."

SRSLY though how amazing would that be?

Which brings us to today. One of Beyonce's most talked about producers, BOOTS (from Boca), released the last song of his new mixtape and it features…


… can you guess?

BEY-F*CKING-YONCE. (I know the use of "Y" is doubled there but it had to)


The song is slow, sexy, and whatever who cares it's another Beyonce surprise so we have to talk about it.

Romina Puga is a pop culture reporter and producer for Fusion. You can find her on "Fusion Now," Fusion's daily TV updates, going over new movies, music, apps, and why D'Angelo is still sexy.