How tall is Carly Fiorina? Also, is she single?

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Perhaps the most composed (and certainly the best made-up) Republican presidential hopeful in tonight's Republican debate was also the only one wearing heels.

Standing on a stage among a gaggle of sweaty men in dark suits, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina brought touch of eloquence, grace and equanimity to an event in desperate need of all that stuff. She spoke boldly and with specifics on issues related to national defense, the economy and drug control. And she stood up to the incessant bullying and bluster of fellow Republican hopeful Donald Trump, prompting him to compliment her on her "beautiful face."

So was America impressed with Fiorina? Did her debate performance encourage voters to want to know more about the lone female Republican pre-candidate with the courage to run in a pool of 14 men?


Google Trends tracked what people were asking the internet about Fiorina during the debate. The results are predictably sexist: