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Womp. The red carpet struggle is real, y’all. Sometimes style stars hit it right on the mark with an ensemble you’ll be talking about for years to come (Lupita, we're looking at you), while other times… oof. A few celebs end up weeble-wobbling all over the red carpet with a look that was so much better in theory than in execution. Here are three of last night’s victims—let’s determine exactly where they went wrong.


Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo

The Struggle: Whose dress is this? Is this really Paltrow's? Like, as in Gwyneth. Y'know, the perennially chic life coach who has rarely made a misstep since going braless on the 2002 Oscar red carpet. I didn't think Tim McGraw's "friend" had it in her to step out in this one-armed column bridesmaid dress, which might I add, is the same shade of her alabaster skin. Next time? Let's leave the too-literal flower motifs at home and along with the pastel pink color palette.


Kevin Hart

The Struggle: Animated short. Get it? The first-time presenter pounced onto the Oscars red-carpet and stage with the same gusto and verve that has made the pint-sized comic a comedy giant. And yet, he needs a better tailor. I like the all-white look: that's hardly the problem. It's that break in the pant leg that causes him to appear rumpled, disheveled, top heavy, and if you can believe it, shorter. Next time? Let us see that ankle, let us elongate that frame, and make you tower over Anna Kendrick — heels or no heels.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent

The Struggle: A ponytail, a dab of a red lip, and barely any jewelry with a Saint Laurent dress? "Enlighten me," Dakota: how is this "done up"? I realize Johnson's insouciance is her (and Anastasia Steele's) "thing," but can't we try for something a bit more groundbreaking? You could have slicked back your hair to match the rock-n-roll edge of that gown, or found some bigger chandelier earrings. Something, anything other than a squabble with mom Melanie Griffith on the red-carpet should have been the highlight of your first real Oscars moment.


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